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Working Alongside God!

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1 Corinthians 3:9 'For we are God's fellow workers…' (NIV)

When God created us, he gave us dominion over his world -- the right to rule it on his behalf. Our dominion, though, was meant to be a cooperative one -- we were meant to work with him. In the physical world, we don't create the processes of nature, we simply cooperate with them. Genesis 1 tells us that the earth was made fruitful well before Adam was given dominion over it. We might improve the way we irrigate crops; we might improve our stock through selective breeding; and we might build machines to help us harvest on a bigger scale, but we are still only cooperating with the processes God set in motion. So, in developing the natural world, we should work with a sense of humility, knowing that we may sow and reap, but God gives the increase. The same is true in every other sphere of life: the emotional, relational and spiritual. In every area, we are ultimately dependant on God for his providence. Sadly, much of our modern technology is birthed in an attitude of pride and self-sufficiency that arrogantly ignores the reality of God's sovereignty. In the same way, many people treat their emotions, relationships and spirituality without any reference to what God might want for them. God's rule in our lives is a benevolent one. He doesn't force himself upon us, he wants us to be in partnership with him. If we learn to co-operate with him, to discover his purposes and help bring them about, we discover just how fruitful our lives were meant to be.

Prayer: 'Lord, thanks for calling me to be your co-worker. Help me today to learn to co-operate with you, discovering your plans and bringing them into existence.'

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