Next Wave International Next Wave International™ is a faith-based communications group which is
training organizations to engage the future & move society forward
in a positive direction. Founder / Director: Mal Fletcher
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Most Europeans do not consider that the Christian worldview, traditionally the backbone of European cultures, has anything positive to say to add value to their lives today.

At Next Wave International™ we believe that the Christian message and worldview are totally compatible with a forward-looking, proactive and positive approach to life and society. We're committed to speaking positively where people listen, and we have a growing commitment to providing comment in mainstream media.

Through our flagship program, EDGES™ with Mal Fletcher, we are endeavouring to push the boundaries of Christian presence in the media. EDGES is currently accessible in more than 200 nations, via satellite, cable and terrestrial TV, as well as via the Internet.

For more about our work in television, including links to programs and segments available online, visit the Television section.

Through our websites we continue to pursue our long held commitment to provide quality outreach and training materials via the Internet. We currently receive visitors from more than 120 nations to our main site, Next Wave Online.

For more about our Internet work, including links to our websites, visit the Internet section.

Mal Fletcher's 30 second GodSpot radio segments are played regularly on radio stations around the world. Mal is also periodically interviewed on radio about social issues and Christian faith.

For more about our radio work, including a link to today's GodSpot, visit the Radio section.

Through his books, regular feature magazine articles and online articles, Mal Fletcher continues to write inspiring material on subjects including culture, leadership, communication, media and social comment. Mal is also frequently interviewed in magazines about social issues and Christian faith.

For more about our publications, including links to available publications, visit the Publications section.

Animation can serve as a humorous and insightful way of getting the point across. Through Next Wave's use of animation, we are endeavouring to both entertain and educate people about the truths of media and communication.

Visit the Animations section to view some of these animations online.

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Hi there. I watched your EDGES programme today about fear. It was very interesting and was, I thought, presented in a very intelligent way.

Thanks Mal for helping us see the US gun laws issue from an ethical perspective. Our right to possess guns (or any other right, for that matter) is surely insignificant when compared to our responsibility to preserve life.
Ann, Australia

Hi guys, I think the Daily Recharge is great!
Rachel, Australia

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