Next Wave International Next Wave International™ is a faith-based communications group which is
training organizations to engage the future & move society forward
in a positive direction. Founder / Director: Mal Fletcher


Your Church, Organisation, Ministry or Business
Can Impact People in 200 Nations

Next Wave International: Registered UK Charity No. 1109710.

Dear Leader,

EDGES Elite gives your church or ministry the opportunity to partner with Mal Fletcher for the completion of EDGES series 7, in production during 2007 and early 2008. These ten high class documentaries will deal with some of the most pressing issues of our time:
  • Human Trafficking: The New Slavery
  • The Human Face of HIV/AIDS
  • Making Poverty History - More Than A Dream?
  • Teen Violence & The Gang Problem
  • Atheism: A Rising Tide
  • The Immigration Dilemma
  • Political Correctness
  • Parents Under Pressure
  • Childhood: Protecting The Innocents
  • Europe: The Next 50 Years
You can play an active and vital role in a global evangelism effort that has already helped people rethink their response to Jesus and his message -- across the world.

As Mal explained in a recent interview, EDGES is 'helping to connect mainstream culture with the church; to prepare the culture for what the church has to offer. We're not just preaching the gospel; we're also preparing the ground so that preaching becomes easier!'

Watch a clip from the interview: click here. Catch a couple of the latest EDGES programmes, at

When you join EDGES Elite, you will receive the Elite-members-only Behind The Scenes e-zine, telling you about the latest progress in EDGES production.

See the full EDGES Elite paper Brochure (pdf): Page 1, Page 2.

Watch the 2 minute sampler for EDGES series 6 (WMV stream, 2 mins). High or Low version.

EDGES Elite…
  • A select group of recourceful Churches, Ministries & Organisations
  • Investing just £500 GBP
  • To help produce EDGES series 7.
  • And reach into 200 nations on TV (and 100 on the internet)

    YOU GET…
  • to reach people in 200 nations through one missions investment.
  • to hear the latest on progress with EDGES production via an Elite partners only Behind The Scenes E-zine.
  • to be openly associated with a fresh, cutting edge presentation of the Christian message!
  • your church name mentioned in the credits for the full series.
  • your church/business/organisation name mentioned on Next Wave International websites.
  • DVD featuring the brilliant 'Genetics Industry' & 'Fuelling the Future' shows (from series 6)
  • the new EDGES book by Mal Fletcher.
  • other offers over time.


    I want to be part of EDGES Elite with a one-time donation of £500.

    Please contact me by email with details on how to proceed...


    Watch a clip from EDGES 6 'Branding and Celebrity' (WMV stream, 2 mins). Click here.

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    Your Feedback
    Hi Mal, Re: megachurch church vs a more organic model: I know God works regardless of how we think he should but it seems that the organic way is more appealing to the average person than the marketing of Jesus...
    Narelle, Australia

    Mal Fletcher is amazing; you should hear him preach. It's incredible. He came to my church in Norwich, England and just blew us away.
    Lazarus, UK

    Thanks for keeping us on our toes, Mal! As Christians living in today's ultra-pragmatic culture, our choices need to recognize the present reality while seeing it through the perspective of our God-revealed future.
    Ann, Australia

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