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Africa's Spiritual Challenge

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As Zimbabwe struggles through a time of huge uncertainty and political turmoil, the eyes of the world focus again on Africa as a whole.

Since the emergence of Live8 and the convergence of rock celebrity and social action, the developed world has been confronted again and again with Africa's social and physical needs.

Much of the continent is struggling to feed its rapidly growing populations, most of whom still live at a basic or even subsistence level.

Yet every social problem also has a spiritual component. So, where is Africa in a spiritual sense? What of Africa's spiritual challenges? Are there encouraging signs on the horizon?

Rev. Ray McCauley is the senior pastor of one of South Africa's largest churches, Rhema Church, which now numbers more than 50,000 people.

Rev. McCauley is, however, also a leading social activist and campaigner for change on many fronts, providing a leadership voice and example on issues such as HIV/AIDS, homelessness and racial integration.

In an interview with Mal Fletcher, director of Next Wave International, Pastor Ray spoke passionately about the spiritual need in Africa - and how the church should respond.

Watch this clip from the interview - and leave your feedback at our YouTube channel (YouTube/edgestv).

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