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Hope08 Media Conference

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The future of Christian media in the UK was represented at the Hope08 Media Training event in Sussex recently.

The training conference was a part of the wider Hope08 UK-wide churches outreach for 2008. With the support of umbrella groups such as the Evangelical Alliance, working with denominational groups such as the Anglican church, Baptist Union etc., Hope08 is seeking to share Christ's hope with people in mainstream life.

Local church media teams across the country have signed up to provide news items to local news outlets, as part of lifting the Hope08 message to the wider community.

Mal Fletcher was the key guest speaker at the media event. His powerful and prophetic session dealt with how media people can engage the future of the UK through their craft.

'You are in a unique position,' he said, 'to speak where people listen.'

After the event, Mal said: 'It was encouraging to see some very positive, young media practitioners worshipping and hearing the message together.'

'The emphasis of this event was on lifting the practical skill levels of church media people, but there was also a strong prophetic element in the event, with a clear challenge for people to do more than just point a camera and hope for the best...'

The event was organised by Rory Springthorpe, director of Vivid Broadcast. Rory and his team have worked with Mal on a number of media projects to date.

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Your websight is marvellous. Full of information for this generation. Great discussions & more. I am pastoring a church in India...
Sam, India

In the UK in 2008, the Church does not seem to do well on broadcast media. Yet it has important things to say. I want to thank you Mal for your forward-looking approach to sorting this out.
Alan, United Kingdom

Dear Mal, I saw you some years ago in Lisbon. I was deeply blessed by your prophetic spirit for the nations. I'm especially moved by your messages that speak about being an influence in our world...
Paulo Batista, Portugal

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