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EDGES New Series - Preview

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For more than 10 years, EDGES with Mal Fletcher has been at the forefront of a quiet revolution in the way Christian ideas are presented in media and new media. It has won friends around the world - among them many people who previously thought Christianity had nothing to say to them.

More than 60 high-quality, cutting edge documentaries have been produced by the EDGES team and they've been seen on both Christian and Mainstream broadcast platforms (e.g. Nine Network Australia, Seven Network Australia, SABC1 South Africa and TV Denmark).

Today, the shows can be accessed on TV in more than 200 nations, and we know that people in at least 115 nations have seen them via the Internet! The audience is growing all the time

Right now, the EDGES team are in production for series 7 - 10 high class documentaries on issues like Human Trafficking, HIV/AIDS, Teen Violence & more...

You can be one of the first to see a preview clip from 'EUROPE: The Next 50 Years', the pilot for the new series - see below. (The clip is from mainly unedited footage - so you're seeing the real, street level material!)

We don't have the full funding needed to complete this unique series. As always we rely on the generous support of individuals and organisations - people who've benefited from these highly researched, thought-provoking and entertaining shows.

Why not help us 'speak where people listen'? Your donation - no matter what the amount - will help us finish the series. Never once have the EDGES team asked for funding via the programmes themselves - because that would alienate the audience we want to reach.

Please help us reach our media mission target!

Click here to find out how!

Watch the popular 'Televangelist' animation.

Read 'What's Wrong With Christian Media?', by Mal Fletcher

Download 'Out of the Bubble' Podcast by Mal Fletcher.

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Your Feedback
Your new book is a must - having read a few of the excerpts available online, it is one I will be ordering. Gen-Xers, the future is ours. Thanks Mal for your Godly guidance and belief.
Damien, Australia

EDGES is very helpful and informative from the Bible's point of view. Do please keep up the good work.
Annie, India

I think yours was the best and most succinct critique I've yet read on 'The Da Vinci Code'. As you say, we can still use it as a platform for presenting the real gospel.
Ann , Australia

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