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Celebrating Ten Years In Europe

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In the month of September, Next Wave International marked its tenth year of operations in Europe.

TIME magazine once described Europe as possibly the darkest place on earth spiritually speaking.

But Mal Fletcher and members of his team have proven that God hasn't finished with Europe yet!

The mission to Europe was launched in early September 1995, as Mal and Davina transplanted their young family to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Now based in London, the mission has seen some great results in ten years, with city-wide outreach events in major centres, leadership development projects, cutting-edge media programmes and much more.

In a recent interview, Mal said: 'Europe has a strong Christian heritage but it is definitely not, in any sense, Christian today. It is secular and considers itself “post-Christian”.'

'There are 250,000 cities, towns and villages in Europe which have no church at all -- of any description!'

'Europe,' he added, 'is as much in need of Christian mission today as our Africa or Southeast Asia. In many ways, it is “pre-Christian” again!'

You can read the full interview on this site.

If you have been touched by this ministry, in any way -- through TV, the Internet, books, MasterClass, leadership or outreach events or Mal's teaching and preaching -- why not send a special gift to mark this important milestone?

Sow into a ministry which is truly redefining how mission is done.

To give by credit card, bank transfer or cheque, click here.

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In the UK in 2008, the Church does not seem to do well on broadcast media. Yet it has important things to say. I want to thank you Mal for your forward-looking approach to sorting this out.
Alan, United Kingdom

Thanks so much for visiting Speak The Word Church International (Minneapolis). I am a baby boomer who sat with a GenXer - we both knew that what you said was right on. It made me think. I like that.
Norma Buchanan, United States

Mal, I just wanted to thank you for visiting Abundant Life and RN06. I am a psychiatrist in the NHS and agree very much with what you were saying about the secular services coming to us in 20 years for advice on how to do things. A group of us are starting a ministry to be ready to be asked!
Rob, United Kingdom

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