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Munich MasterClass Success

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Next Wave International launched its first Communication and Media MasterClass for southern Germany last weekend.

The event brought together leaders from the church and media who have a passion for communicating with skill in this post-modern age.

Mal Fletcher, the speaker at the event, said: 'Living in this age of high-tech imagery and information overload, community leaders are desperate to develop skills which will help them break through the clutter of competing messages and bring positive change to people's lives. The Communication and Media MasterClass addresses that need.'

'This is the first time we've done MasterClass in this part of Germany,' he added.

'In fact, it's only the second time we've hosted this kind of event in the nation.'

'So, while numbers were relatively small for this first one, we know from the feedback we're receiving that it really hit the mark; in terms of helping church and media leaders to make their message heard, to speak where people listen.'

The event was co-hosted by Gospel Life Centre, a growing church which has established a strong reputation for creativity and community outreach over 20 years in the city of Munich.

Senior pastor for the church, Pastor John Angelina, said later: 'This event has really helped our own leaders to get a better understanding of what we're trying to achieve in Munich and beyond.'

'We had been doing some of the things we heard, but it was great to hear them put into the context of cultural understanding. We also had some very good media people with us for the sessions.'

The MasterClass also included a special production in the Theatre Cafe which is operated by Gospel Life Centre.

Mirjana Angelina's outstanding production of 'Handel', has already received a very enthusiastic response from members of the Munich community, including key members of the local theatre community.

Mirjana's passion is to use her extensive experience in theatre, as an actor, writer and director/producer, to illustrate the power of Christian faith through plays which tell highly graphic stories, drawn from Germany's colourful history.

Mal says, 'I don't know anyone else who is doing quite what Mirjana is doing. I am always moved by the productions undertaken by Gospel Arts Studio.'

'We were thrilled to have MasterClass link with this particular production, as it demonstrated exactly what I'd been teaching.'

A follow up Munich MasterClass is planned for 2006. Watch our MasterClass site for more.

For more on Gospel Life Centre, and Gospel Arts Studio, visit

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Mal, I heard your superb word at Sheffield Hallam Uni . AWESOME.I felt the presence of the Lord.
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Mal, just to say thanks for what you brought to ALC recently. It was great to hear your perspective on our culture. I love that you are here in Europe; you're a much needed voice & a great inspiration.
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I really appreciate this ministry! I think you are a very important tool in the world today & for Christians. I'm so encouraged by the teaching!!
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