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Southside Christian Church Forges Ahead

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Regular readers of E-News know that Next Wave International has a special relationship with Southside Christian Church in Adelaide, Australia. The church, led by Pastor Danny Guglielmucci, is one of the nation's most creative and community-involved churches.

Preaching in the church in November, Mal Fletcher reported that the church is seeing a new surge of growth, both in numbers and in its influence in the community. 'Pastor Danny is well known for his passion for people, and his drive to change a city through Christian service,' says Mal. 'The church is launching impressive new initiatives to lift the spirit of local communities, through repairing schools, refitting restaurants and the like. It's passionate, hands-on Christianity in action.'

The church has two congregations, the newer of the two located in the city itself. This congregation is growing rapidly and now numbers more than 600 people every Sunday. The main congregation is also seeing continued expansion.

Pastor Danny also leads the EdgeNet leadership network. Its annual conference attracts pastors and leaders from several regions of the world, who are attracted to the vision, style and approach of the Southside church.

Southside also houses the Australian office of Next Wave International, which is represented by Executive Pastor, Gary Rucci. Mal adds: 'Southside is very special to Davina, our team and me. Without their truly world-vision, we would find it difficult to push forward in Europe and beyond as we do.' For more information, go to
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Great to hear those 80s songs (that blessed so many back then). 'To share God's love in music and word' is a great calling. I guess there's no time for a new album?!
Ann, Australia

Your new book is a must - having read a few of the excerpts available online, it is one I will be ordering. Gen-Xers, the future is ours. Thanks Mal for your Godly guidance and belief.
Damien, Australia

Thanks for your visit to St. Louis & the thoughtful messages you brought. I am challenged to be a city on a hill, and to not be hidden. Perhaps on your next visit, you could join in the push-up contest or drive the motorcycle. Best wishes for continued success.
John, United States

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